Charging Infrastructure Management with Chargd

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Why Chargd?

Full overview of your charging infrastructure
Reduce charging costs by up to 50%
Reduce time spent on charging operations
Reduce your carbon footprint
Track emissions and file for carbon credits
Increase predictability of your e-fleet

Main Features

Chargd Charging Infrastructure Management

Monitoring (free forever)

Effortlessly monitor your charging operations, track load curves, chargers, charging sessions, and receive timely notifications for relevant events. Stay in control and optimize your charging infrastructure with ease.

Load Management

Take charge of peak loads and reduce electricity bills by setting power limits for customer defined charger groups. Our automated management ensures you never exceed your limit again, leading to substantial cost savings and optimized energy usage.

Smart Charging

Lower electricity bills and reduce CO2 emissions through intelligent charging management. Drive with confidence, knowing you are making a positive impact on the environment while reducing charging costs.

Access Management

Manage access and usage of your charging infrastructure efficiently using our user-based access control system equipped with RFID tags. Stay in control and ensure secure, authorized usage for a seamless charging experience.

Emission Management

Track CO2 emissions generated by your charging infrastructure and seamlessly share the data with our partners for automatic carbon credit filing. Take a proactive step towards sustainability and earn credits for your eco-friendly initiatives.

Fleet Management

Integrate fleet operations seamlessly with charging infrastructure to optimize workflows, generate efficient schedules, and adapt in real-time to respond to outages. Achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for your e-fleet.


Built with Experts

With a distinguished academic background in physics and information engineering, Alex brings over 25 years of expertise in research. Presently, he is an integral part of the renowned research and engineering team at Chargd.

Alex Meitiv, PhD
Alex Meitiv, PhD

Machine Learning Scientist

For the past 3 years, Fausto has been dedicated to crafting an application focused on charging infrastructure. Presently, he serves as a valuable advisor to Chargd, providing expertise on software and hardware matters around chargers.

Fausto Milletari, PhD
Fausto Milletari, PhD

Senior AI Scientist

Pricing Overview

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